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Reporter World provides a variety of safety equipment, identification products, specialized high-visibility clothing, pertinent news, product reviews, book reviews and useful links specifically for reporters, writers, assignment editors, news correspondents, journalists, ENG crews, photographers, production staff, directors, segment producers, media security personnel, and freelancers: in short, anyone who is part of the news gathering, information reporting, or documentary film industries.

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Investigative or field reporters, ENG teams, and production staff often place themselves in hazardous environments including natural disasters, wars, civil conflicts, riots, political unrest, fires, traffic accidents, and other potentially dangerous situations when covering stories about random street violence, targeted assaults and political assassinations. These products are designed for identification only and are not intended to protect you from physical harm. Use these products at your own risk.

These products are provided is "as is" without warranty of any kind, expressed or implied. Reporter World makes no warranties or representations regarding the accuracy or completeness of the content contained herein. This site is a sales affiliate of various product manufacturers, resellers and other parties. All financial transactions made through this site take place directly between the buyer and the seller, and Reporter World assumes no responsibility for any transactions made through this Web site.

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Clothing and other products sold on this site are designed and authorized solely for accredited members of the working press, media, journalists, correspondents and others working in the news gathering and information reporting industries. No permission is given for other uses. No warranty is made as to the acceptability of these products as identification of your Press or Media status in any country or territory. Additional identification in the form of an authorized press card, media identification, business cards, and other credentials are commonly required by law enforcement, military and other officials. Fraudulent or misrepresentational use of these products can lead to fines, arrest, and detention in some areas.

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Hypertext links to other sites are supplied for information use only and Reporter World takes no responsibility whatsoever for the content provided by these sites. Reporter World, its management, and staff do not condone, endorse, or otherwise approve of any linked site or its content.

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We welcome your suggestions, feedback and comments. Please address your e-mails to "feedback [at] reporterworld.com". Due to volume, we may not be able to respond to e-mails sent to us on an individual basis but we do read every e-mail and incorporate as many suggestions as possible into the next generation of this site. We thank you for visiting ReporterWorld and for taking the time to add your feedback.

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We do not use cookies or any other technology to watch or track our visitors. We can offer no such guarantees, however, about other sites to which this site links. Some third-party sites use cookies and other tracking technologies (both covert and overt) to capture information about visitors. Reporters concerned about this tracking should set their browser preferences to the "Ask for each cookie" setting or the "Never accept cookies" setting. Investigative reporters should know that Web access and e-mail is often monitored, collected, stored, categorized, and cross-referenced by civilian and military authorities in many countries around the world.

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