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Photography Books
Reporter World provides a variety of safety equipment, identification products, specialized high-visibility clothing, pertinent news, product reviews, book reviews and useful links specifically for reporters, writers, assignment editors, news correspondents, journalists, ENG crews, photographers, production staff, directors, segment producers, media security personnel, and freelancers: in short, anyone who is part of the news gathering, information reporting, or documentary film industries.

This area of the Books section is devoted to providing you with advice, techniques and tips about being a photographer photojournalist, war correspondent, or videographer. By its very nature, this section contains a wide variety of related subjects including journalism, reporting, interviewing, network news, photography, videography, and feature films. News writers will find other books of interest in our Writing Books area.

Amazon.com LogoIf you are interested in purchasing a particular book from this section, simply click on the corresponding hypertext link (or on the book itself). A new window will then open up to the applicable secure online merchant. In most cases, this will be the American online book retailer, Amazon.com. As we start offering books and other products specifically for other geographic and cultural markets, we will be adding to our supplier list to include other companies.

We are always looking for additional books that might be of interest to you. If you have any suggestions for other books we should offer, you can reach us by using the address contained in our Terms of Service page, located in the menu on the left. Please supply us as much information as you can about the book including its title, author, ISBN and publisher (if known).

My First Year as a Journalist My First Year As a Journalist: Real-World Stories from America's Newspaper and Magazine Journalists is a collection of personal accounts describing the first jobs of such high-level journalists as Helen Thomas, the dean of White House correspondents, and Betsy Carter, the executive editor of Harper's Bazaar magazine. Click here to purchase copies of this book.

Words of Fire Every year, hundreds of journalists are imprisoned, tortured, and held hostage to bring us the news. In 1999, 34 journalists were assassinated. In Words of Fire: Independent Journalists who Challenge Dictators, Drug Lords, and Other Enemies of a Free Press, author Anthony Collings shares the courageous stories of the men and women who bring us the news from the front lines of our global hot spots, regardless of their personal peril. Click here to purchase copies of this book.

Creative Interviewing Creative Interviewing helps readers by using examples and anecdotal accounts of actual professional experiences. Readers are provided with step-by-step instructions on how to prepare for and conduct strong interviews, build conversational rapport, and how to cope with the dynamics of a series of interviews on a certain topic. Highly recommended for any professional who wishes to improve their interviewing skills. Click here to purchase copies of this book.

Broadcast Newswriting Broadcast Newswriting: The RTNDA Reference Guide is a comprehensive guide to writing (and rewriting) for broadcasting. They say that writing for broadcasting only has two rules. Rule #1: write the way you talk -- or should talk; and Rule #2: don't forget Rule #1. But author Mervin Block suggests these are only two major rules (and of little help) to working writers. Instead Block suggests 39 key steps to ensuring your writing is the best you can do -- and most sellable. Well-written! Click here to purchase copies of this book.

Kodak Pocket Guide to 35 mm Photography The Kodak Pocket Guide to 35 mm Photography is an excellent guide to take with you on a trip. At 112 pages, it is lightweight, compact, and summarizes many key ideas needed for good pictures. The small format of this book (6.28" high by 3.57" wide by 0.30") makes it a great take-along in your camera bag. Click here to purchase copies of this book.

Basic Photographic Materials and Processes Basic Photographic Materials and Processes brings useful chapters for professional photographers in subjects such as light and photometry; photographic optics; black and white photographic developments; tone reproduction; micro image evaluation; filters; film; color; and color reproduction. Unlike many photography books, this reference relies mainly on solid theory rather than "pretty pictures" to teach its material. Recommended for anyone seriously interested in the craft of photography. Click here to purchase copies of this book.

Light-Science & Magic: An Introduction to Photographic Lighting Light-Science & Magic: An Introduction to Photographic Lighting is highly respected text on lighting theory covering the principles, applications, and equipment for informed lighting decisions. Sidebars highlight special lighting questions; and numerous photographs and illustrations provide clear examples. Light: Science and Magic provides readers with a comprehensive theory of the nature and principles of light to let individual photographers use lighting to express their own creativity. Click here to purchase copies of this book.

Photography Photography is an introductory book that covers topics common to all beginning and practicing photographers. The book has informative chapters on problem solving and commercial photography, equipment and materials, photographic procedures, film, exposure and meters, camera and lens, printing, troubleshooting, tone control, lighting, and color; and more. Click here to purchase copies of this book.

Kodak Professional Black and White Films Kodak Professional helps you reach the most important step in black-and-white photography: exposing and developing film to produce consistently high-quality, professional negatives. Learn all the variables that affect shadow and highlight detail, tone reproduction and graininess. Step-by-step procedures explain how to tailor negatives to your specific printing equipment, and application. Ideal for black and white photographers who run their darkrooms -- or those wishing to do so. Click here to purchase copies of this book.

Inside Lighting Techniques Inside Lighting Techniques contains vital information you need to choose appropriate lighting for any subject, compensate for undesirable lighting, and control lighting for specialized effects. Topics includes the qualities of light; understanding the interplay of light qualities; selecting light sources and modifiers; predicting the effect of various light sources -- and more. Includes exposure, developing and printing, image manipulation, single and multiple source lighting. Click here to purchase copies of this book.

Perception and Imaging Perception and Imaging is a classic text on the visual image, with illustrations and quotations that reinforce the text and add interest. The text covers memory and association: space, time, color, contours, illusions, ambiguity, and personality factors. Dr. Zakia incorporates ideas and principles from a variety of disciplines that are highly relevant to photography and imaging, and shows how they can be applied for greatest artistic effect. Click here to purchase copies of this book.

View Camera Technique Now in its seventh edition, View Camera Technique is a comprehensive book that clearly presents the features, operations and applications of view cameras. It details camera movements, image formation, exposure control, and provides information concerning lenses and accessories. Diagrams, comparison charts, and more than 500 photographs and illustrations give you the tools necessary to analyze a picture, set up your camera, and photograph your subject properly. Click here to purchase copies of this book.

Ilford Monochrome Darkroom Practice Highly acclaimed, Ilford Monochrome Darkroom Practice is written for use by professional, freelance, and advanced amateur photographers who process and print their own negatives. The book is heavily illustrated with fine photographs, many of which have been specially selected by Ilford. This revised edition contains lots of updated information on equipment and technique necessary to run a professional monochrome processing and printing operation. Click here to purchase copies of this book.

Wyszecki & Stiles This paperback reprint of the classic Wyszecki & Stiles deals with all phases of light, color, and vision, providing comprehensive data, formulas, concepts, and procedures needed in basic and applied research in color vision, colorimetry, and photometry. This version reflects recent color science developments in color matching, increment-threshold work, chromatic adaptation, and theoretical modeling of color discrimination and other color-vision phenomenon. Click here to purchase copies of this book.

Nikon System Handbook Nikon System Handbook - With about 100,000 copies sold, it's been the standard reference for Nikon aficionados since its first release -- and this revised, updated edition is better than ever, with information on the new Nikon N80 and N65, as well as on the latest lenses and flash units (such as the SB-29 and SB-28dx.) Along with a complete history of the entire Nikon 35mm SLR system, the guide contains compatibility charts, production dates, serial numbers, and product designations. Click here to purchase copies of this book.

50 Fast Digital Photo Techniques 50 Fast Digital Photo Techniques - Whether you shoot your original photographs on film or work with a digital camera, image-editing software lets you do amazing things -- and this book shows you how. Focusing on retouching techniques and artistic effects rather than software specifics, the author walks you through 50 of today's coolest, fastest, and most useful image-editing tricks. Although the book's techniques are mostly illustrated using Adobe Photoshop Elements, any digital photographer will benefit from this text. Click here to purchase copies of this book.

Nikon's Large-Format Photography Whether your interest is in landscapes, still lifes, portraits or commercial and industrial photography, Nikon's Large-Format Photography outlines all the special techniques required to master large-format view cameras. In a clear, precise manner this well-illustrated guide shows you how to effectively apply the view camera's shifts, swings, and tilts to the lens and film planes; use camera movements to control sharpness, film and filters; load, handle and develop sheet films. Click here to purchase copies of this book.

AP's Guide to Photojournalism AP Guide to Photojournalism - Written by noted AP photographer/photoeditor Brian Horton, AP's Guide to Photojournalism is an insider's manual to one of the most exciting media professions. Emphasizing the creative process behind the photojournalist's art, Brian Horton draws upon his 30 years of experience and the help of more than 100 photographs from AP archives, to analyze what constitutes successful news photos of every type, including portraits, tableaux, sports, battlefield scenes, and more. Click here to purchase copies of this book.

Brought To You In Living Color The visually striking four-color, Brought To You In Living Color, captures seventy-five years of memories from NBC's earliest moments to the era of "Must See TV." Readers will be drawn to history's most exciting events from the worlds of entertainment, news, and sports as provided by NBC over its seventy-five years of broadcasting. Click here to purchase copies of this book.

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