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Safety Books:
Reporter World provides a variety of safety equipment, identification products, specialized high-visibility clothing, pertinent news, product reviews, book reviews and useful links specifically for reporters, writers, assignment editors, news correspondents, journalists, ENG crews, photographers, production staff, directors, segment producers, media security personnel, and freelancers: in short, anyone who is part of the news gathering, information reporting, or documentary film industries.

This area of the Books section is devoted to keeping you and your news crews safe and sound, whether you cover local politics in your home town or violent clashes in one of the world's hot spots. These safety books run the gamut of staying out of trouble spots (sometimes difficult given the fact that many reporters by their very job descriptions must travel to dangerous areas), to avoiding street violence, and what to do if you or your crew members are injured in the field and need help.

Since there is more risk to your personal safety when traveling, we recommend checking out both this page and our selection of Travel books containing other items of interest to correspondents, ENG crews and other traveling news gatherers.

Amazon.com LogoIf you are interested in purchasing a particular book from this section, simply click on the corresponding hypertext link (or on the book itself). A new window will then open up to the applicable secure online merchant. In most cases, this will be the American online book retailer, Amazon.com. As we start offering books and other products specifically for other geographic and cultural markets, we will be adding to our supplier list to include other companies.

We are always looking for additional books that might be of interest to you. If you have any suggestions for other books we should offer, you can reach us by using the address contained in our Terms of Service page, located in the menu on the left. Please supply us as much information as you can about the book including its title, author, ISBN and publisher (if known).

Rough Guide to Travel Health The Rough Guide to Travel Health - Jet lag can just as easily disrupt your itinerary as an explosive case of Delhi Belly. But perhaps the biggest danger to the traveler is the assumption that "it can’t happen to me". By looking at travelers’ health from two perspectives -- the prevention of illness before it happens and how to cope if things do go wrong -- The Rough Guide to Travel Health helps you avoid the risk, or at least minimize the impact, of illness abroad. Vital for anyone who goes beyond the beaten path -- and essential for those covering news stories in developing countries. Click here to purchase copies of this book.

The World's Most Dangerous Places The World's Most Dangerous Places - Most of the world's newsworthy areas are bristling with land mines, war zones, terrorists, mercenaries, Mafiosi, massacres, kidnappers, drug smugglers, and other travel disasters that are the stuff of nightmares. The World's Most Dangerous Places itemizes the well-known and hidden risks involved in many of the world's hot spots, making for a great read for all correspondents before they leave home. Click here to purchase copies of this book.

Travel Fit & Healthy Travel Fit & Healthy - A key aspect of staying healthy while traveling is staying fit, strong and ready for just about anything that comes up. In Travel Fit & Healthy , Fodor's fitness gurus show how to keep fit while away from home, and they share their wisdom in this well-written and easy-to-follow book. Follow their fitness programs, and you may come home feeling better than you did before you left! Click here to purchase copies of this book.

Street E & E Street E&E - Author Marc MacYoung provides important advice about how to evade and escape from violent situations and, helpfully, how to avoid trouble in the first place. A practical book on street self defense, Street E&E discusses the necessity for a "strategic withdrawal" when one is faced with impossible odds. Useful advice for any reporter or working journalist facing danger, either occasionally or habitually. Click here to purchase copies of this book.

Ending Violence Quickly A Professional's Guide to Ending Violence Quickly: How Bouncers, Bodyguards, & Other Security Professionals Handle Ugly Situations explains how professionals diffuse and step down from violent situations. Author MacYoung describes a human psychological phenomenon he terms "escalato", a situation in which two people spiral their emotions into an unwanted street fight. A solid book for avoiding senseless street violence, no matter where you are. Click here to purchase copies of this book.

GPS Made Easy This third edition of GPS Made Easy: Using Global Positioning Systems in the Outdoors just about everything you need to know about using hand-held Global Positioning System receivers for accurate navigation in the outdoors including how GPS works, features of all common receivers, and practical examples of use in the outdoors. Clear language and illustrations demystify GPS for every owner (or potential owner) . [Check out our collection of GPS receivers in Gadgets .] Click here to purchase copies of this book.

Travel Can Be Murder Travel Can Be Murder: The Business Traveler's Guide to Personal Safety (Third Edition) is a pocket-size, easy-to-read book is aimed at corporate road warriors and deals with serious travel dangers and includes solid information on to avoid them (or escape) them. The simple chapter layout and titling make it easy to pick out topics of immediate interest, such as dealing with hotel fires, using public facilities, or preparing for a trip on short notice. Click here to purchase copies of this book.

Traveler Beware! Traveler Beware! An Undercover Cop's Guide to Avoiding: Pickpockets, Luggage Theft, and Travel Scams is an insightful guide full of useful advice and tips on how to outfox professional thieves and protect your luggage, laptop, or briefcase while on the road. Suited to both leisure and business travelers, the book explains how you can decrease your "victim potential" and reduce your chances of becoming a mark for professional thieves, pickpockets and con artists. Click here to purchase copies of this book.

Bugs, Bites & Bowels In Bugs Bites and Bowels: Travel Health, author Dr. Wilson-Howarth -- a MD, expedition doctor and parasitologist -- gives advice on avoiding problems and on treating diarrhea, stings, bites, sunburn and skin infections. She also explains how to deal with accidents, excess heat, sun, cold and altitude -- and even suggests ways to avoid scary or dangerous animals and insects. Useful for anybody who travels off the beaten path. Click here to purchase copies of this book.

Safety And Security For Women Who Travel Safety and Security for Women Who Travel is a book about personal safety for women on the road. This collection of tips and wisdom gives female travelers the tools they need to be secure and the authors provide guidance for women to travel securely just about anywhere in the world. Click here to purchase copies of this book.

Shitting Pretty Despite its unfortunate name, Shitting Pretty: How to Stay Clean and Healthy While Traveling, is an informed and fun guide to the activities many of us take for granted. Simple acts such as eating, bathing and going to the bathroom while traveling can range from challenging to dangerous. This book covers the basics of how to eat and drink safely, and explains how and why gastrointestinal diseases (the traveler's most common complaint) occur. Click here to purchase copies of this book.

Pocket Atlas of Emergency Medicine The Pocket Atlas of Emergency Medicine is compact, yet comprehensive, highly affordable guide visually identifying the many conditions for which visually remarkable cues significantly guide or expedite diagnosis, treatment and disposition in the emergency department, in the office, or in the field. A brief accompanying text includes: description, diagnosis, associated conditions, differential diagnosis, treatment and disposition, and references. Click here to purchase copies of this book.

Home Preparation The Complete Disaster Home Preparation Guide provides specific, real-world, dertailed solutions for survival preparation. The book discusses how to be ready when the power goes off, when the phones don't work, when the sewage service fails, and the ATM machines stop functioning. A basic manual for those worried about surviving small "e" emergencies, especially situations that are short-lived. Click here to purchase copies of this book

American Red Cross First Aid & Safety Handbook The American Red Cross First Aid and Safety Handbook is a comprehensive guide to administering first aid in emergency situations and a standard text for basic first aid procedures across America. Based on course materials taught by numerous Red Cross chapters across the United States, the book's step-by-step instructions are accompanied by 175 line drawings. Click here to purchase copies of this book.

Edible Wild Plants Field Guide to Edible Wild Plants: Eastern and Central North America contains over 400 drawings and 78 color photos to help just about anyone identify the many edible wild plants found in this region. Each entry contains vital information on habitat, when each plant flowers, and a brief description (including any warnings) for each plant. The accurate line drawings and color photos help identify just about any plant. A great resource for any survivalist's (or reporter's) bookshelf. Click here to purchase copies of this book.

Glacier Travel & Crevasse Rescue Glacier Travel and Crevasse Rescue is a comprehensive course in understanding glaciers, crossing them, avoiding crevasses, and rescuing crevasse victims. Topics covered include: how glaciers form and how crevasses develop; basic principles of glacier travel; routefinding; knots and harnesses; holding a fall; rescue techniques, including self-belay and what a victim should do; and glacier skiing and sled hauling Click here to purchase copies of this book.

Don't Go Subtitled, "176 Tactics for Coping with Discomforts, Distress and Danger," Don't Go!: 51 Reasons Not to Travel Abroad addresses all means of travel perils including visas and boredom, jet lag and sunburn, money changers, strikes, and the uncertainies of foreign lands --including the smells, language, fanaticism, police, and xenophobia . Click here to purchase copies of this book.

Field Guide The Wilderness Medical Associates Field Guide contains a huge list of topics covering the major medical emergencies you may encounter when dialing 9-1-1 is not an option. Topics include: patient assessment, common medical problems and their treatment, basic and advanced life support guidelines, spine injury assessment, wound care, dislocation reduction, improvised litters and more. Used by Outward Bound staff and the FBI, this is a great wilderness first aid guide. Click here to purchase copies of this book.

Biological Terrorism Biological Terrorism, Responding to the Threat: A Personal Safety Manual is an authoritative source on how to prepare for and protect yourself from biological terrorism. The Manual contains much essential information on the biological agents for which you can safeguard. Reporters and correspondents will also appreciate the book's extensive reference section and suggested reading material. Click here to purchase copies of this book.

It's A Disaster It's a Disaster!... and What Are You Gonna Do About It? (2nd Edition) is a comprehensive guide to emergency preparedness and immediate action. This is a great resource guide for all news media and their families during major disasters. During these times, local emegency services are usually overloaded -- and help may not arrive for hours or days. ENG crews can often find themselves in serious danger when covering natural and man-made disasters. This book will help! Click here to purchase copies of this book.

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