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Clothing: Customized Clothing and Other Products
Reporter World provides a variety of safety equipment, identification products, specialized high-visibility clothing, pertinent news, product reviews, book reviews and useful links specifically for reporters, writers, assignment editors, news correspondents, journalists, ENG crews, photographers, production staff, directors, segment producers, media security personnel, and freelancers: in short, anyone who is part of the news gathering, information reporting, or documentary film industries.

Although we have over two dozen different stock designs (and well over 200 products) in our current inventory, we realize you may want something we don’t currently offer. This poses no problem! If you would like to have your media outlet, studio or news organization's image printed on our clothing and other products, customization is the answer.

We offer quick and easy turnaround on customizations with a minimum purchase of only ten items. An added bonus it that we let reporters and ENG crews take delivery of these products just about anywhere in the world. If you're in the field, on assignment, or just on vacation, we'll ship directly to you. After the initial ten items, you pay only for the products you purchase. There is no inventory to "shrink", nor do you have to worry about ordering dozens of shirts in the correct sizes for your crews.

Customization is often a perfect solution to small order situations that would otherwise be impossible or too costly to fulfill. Whether you're planning a surprise closed set wrap party or a big promo contest, we can customize your order. Once we receive and verify your artwork (see Specifications below), your customized items can be available for order in as little as two business days! This compares very favorably to traditional T-shirt printing that may take up to two weeks -- and more! To see a complete list of all customizable products, check out our own Reporter World store where we showcase a wide variety of items.

T-Shirts (traditional men's and fitted women's), sweatshirts, long-sleeve shirts, tote bags, mouse pads all have an imprintable area of 80 square inches, either "portrait style" (8" wide by 10" tall) or "landscape style" (10" wide by 8" tall). Hats are printed in landscape, and the maximum printable area is 2" high by 5" wide.

Your images can have as many colors as you wish. Your images can be black text or a multi-colored photo or logo. We use Adobe Photoshop to create all artwork here at Reporter World and can accept your material in these two formats:

  • A 300 dpi JPEG image (saved with no compression)
  • A 300 dpi native Photoshop image (i.e., a file that ends in ".psd").

If you have any questions about the customization process, you can reach us by using the address contained in our Terms of Service page, located in the menu on the left.

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