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Useful Industry Links
Reporter World provides a variety of safety equipment, identification products, specialized high-visibility clothing, pertinent news, product reviews, book reviews and useful links specifically for reporters, writers, assignment editors, news correspondents, journalists, ENG crews, photographers, production staff, directors, segment producers, media security personnel, and freelancers: in short, anyone who is part of the news gathering, information reporting, or documentary film industries.

This section features links to various news outlets around the world.

By using these links you agree to our Terms of Service. You must have Java turned on to use these sites as each link opens a new window, and keeps the ReporterWorld.com site (i.e., this window) active in the background. To add your organization to our list, simply contact us using the information in our Terms of Service page.

Other links are available in this section:

  • Governmental links are those sites that are produced and sponsored by various government authorities. These are useful for emergency assistance for traveling journalists and correspondents.
  • NGO links are those hosted by non-governmental organizations, and may be helpful for research or story background purposes.

Media and Print Services (sorted in alphabetical order by originating country). Please note that outlets named after their broadcast frequencies are sorted as if they were spelled out in full. American media outlets are sorted under "U" for "United States". Likewise, British media outlets are sorted under "United Kingdom".

- A -

LV3 Radio Cordoba -- Cordoba, Argentina

Lared AM910 -- Buenos Aires, Argentina

Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) -- Australia

NBN Limited -- Newcastle, Australia

Central GTS/BKN -- Port Pirie, Australia

Prime Television Limited -- Sydney, Australia

Seven Network Limited -- Sydney, Australia

41 Pty Ltd. -- Brisbane, Australia

Antenne Wien Privat Radio Betaiebsges -- Vienna, Austria

Styria Media -- Graz, Austria

- B -

Cool 96 FM -- Freeport, Bahamas

Barbados GIS -- Bridgetown, Barbados

Bermuda Broadcasting Company -- Hamilton, Bermuda

VRT -- Brussels, Belgium

4FM -- Brussels, Belgium

RBS TV Gaucha, S.A -- Porto Alegre, Brazil

Cidade FM 96.9 -- Sao Paulo, Brazil

- C -

Affinity Radio Group -- Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) News -- Toronto, Ontario, Canada

CBC Radio International -- Canada

CFCF 12 -- Montreal, PQ, Canada

CKBW -- Nova Scotia, Canada

CKKQ-FM -- Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

CJAY92 -- Calgary, Alberta, Canada

GlobalTV -- Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Globe and Mail -- Toronto, Canada

Toronto Star -- Toronto, Canada

The New PL -- London, Ontario, Canada

Radio Nord, Inc. -- Montreal, PQ, Canada

Rogers Broadcasting -- Toronto, Ontario, Canada

680News -- Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Radio Cooperativa -- Santiago, Chile

Caracol S.A. -- Bogota, Colombia

Caracol Television S.A. -- Bogota, Colombia

Kiss Radio -- Prague, Czech Republic

- D -

Politiken -- Denmark

Radio ABC -- Randers, Denmark

The Voice -- Copenhagen, Denmark

Radio Viborg -- Viborg, Denmark

Serious Radio -- Randers, Denmark

Cadena de Noticias -- Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

- E -

Voice of the Andes -- Quito, Ecuador

Radio Quito -- Quito, Ecuador

England - see United Kingdom

Trio Ltd. -- Tallinn, Estonia

- F -

Communications Fiji Ltd. -- Suva, Fiji Islands

Kuopion Seudun Paikalisradio Oy -- Kuopio, Finland

OA FM 967 -- Kuopio, Finland

Radio Nova -- Helsinki, Finland

Saunalahti -- Finland

Yleisradio -- Helsinki, Finland

Canal Plus -- Paris, France

La Cinquieme -- Issy-Les-Moulinea, France

Le Figaro -- Paris, France

Le Monde -- Paris, France

- G -

Antenne Bayern -- Ismaning, Germany

Bayerischer Rundfunk -- Munich, Germany

Die Zeit -- Germany

Der Spiegel -- German

FFH Radio -- Frankfurt, Germany

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (English Edition) -- Frankfurt, Germany

IP Deutschland -- Koln, Germany

Radio Hamburg -- Hamburg, Germany

Radio FFN -- Hannover, Germany

Radio Salu -- Saarbrucken, Germany

Sender Freies Berlin -- Berlin, Germany

Multimedia Broadcasting Co., Ltd. -- Accra, Ghana

Kiss 909 FM -- Athens, Greece

Skai 100,uFM -- Athens, Greece

Radio Caraibes -- Guadeloupe

- H -

Hong Kong TV -- Hong Kong

Juventus Radio -- Budapest, Hungary

- I -

Icelandic National Broadcasting Service -- Reykjavik, Iceland

New Delhi Television -- New Delhi, India

Jain TV -- New Delhi, India

Prambors Radio 102.3 FM -- Jakarta, Indonesia

Radio Sonora -- Jakarta, Indonesia

East Coast Radio -- Wicklow, Ireland

96 FM -- Cork, Ireland

Radio Tel Aviv -- Tel Aviv, Israel

CTE International SRL Reggio -- Emilia, Italy

La Repubblica -- Italy

Radio Italia Solo Musica Italiana S.p.A. -- Milano, Italy

- J -

Asahi Shimbun -- Japan (requires the Japanese character set to view this site properly)

Asahi Broadcast Corporation -- Osaka, Japan

CNN Japan -- Japan (requires the Japanese character set to view this site properly)

FM Inter-Wave -- Tokyo, Japan

Fuji Television Co. -- Tokyo, Japan

Nippon Television Network Corp. -- Tokyo, Japan

Osaka Yusen Broadcasting Corporation -- Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo Broadcasting System -- Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo FM -- Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo FM at New York -- New York, New York

- K -

Universal Broadcast Ltd -- Nairobi, Kenya

Korea, South - see South Korea

- L -

Radio SWH -- Riga, Latvia

Radio M-1 -- Vilnius, Lithuania

- M -

Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union -- Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (broadcasting portal site)

TV Azteca -- Mexico City, Mexico

Secretaria de Comunicaciones y Transportes -- Mexico City, Mexico

- N -

Arrow Classic Rock Radio B.V. -- The Hague, The Netherlands

De Volkskrant -- Amsterdam, The Netherlands

De Telegraaf -- The Netherlands

8FM -- Den Bosch, The Netherlands

KPN Telecom Broadcast -- Hilversum, The Netherlands

Radio West Ruswijk -- The Netherlands

Rebecca Radio Meppel -- The Netherlands

Netherlands Broadcasting Broadcasting Services Corp -- Hilversum, The Netherlands

NCRV -- Hilversum, The Netherlands

Rebecca Radio -- Meppel, The Netherlands

Radio M -- Zeist, The Netherlands

Curom Broadcasting -- Curacao, Netherlands Antilles

Caribbean Broadcasting -- St. Maarten, Netherlands Antilles

DTV Ltd. -- Auckland, New Zealand

Elo-Pee Worldwide TV Ltd. -- Abuja, Nigeria

Radio 1 Bergen -- Bergen, Norway

Dagbladet -- Norway

- P -

Medcom -- Panama City, Panama

ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corp -- Quezon City, Philippines

Quest Broadcasting, Inc -- Mandaluyong City, Philippines

Diario de Noticias -- Portugal

- R -

NTV Plus Television Co. -- Moscow, Russia

Pravda (English Edition) -- Moscow, Russia

- S -

Advent Television -- Singapore

Radio Corporation of Singapore -- Singapore

Sim Communications Pte Ltd. -- Singapore

Singapore Television Twelve Pte Ltd. -- Singapore

Safra Radio -- Singapore

Television Corporation of Singapore -- Singapore

Kanal A -- Ljubljana, Slovenia

TV Markiza -- Bratislava, Slovakia

JoongAng Ilbo (English Edition) -- South Korea

Christian Internet/Satellite Broadcasting -- Seoul, South Korea

Seoul Broadcasting System -- Seoul, South Korea

Iberica de Comunicaciones -- Madrid, Spain

El Mundo -- Spain

El Pais -- Spain

TNL Radio Colombo, Sri Lanka

Dagens Nyheter -- Sweden

Mix Megapol National, Sweden

Radio Stella Helsingborg, Sweden

Lugna Favorites Stockholm, Sweden

Rix FM Stockholm, Sweden

Svenska Dagbladet -- Sweden

Radio Sunshine Rotkruez, Switzerland

Swiss Broadcasting Corporation Bern, Switzerland

Swiss Radio International Bern, Switzerland

- T -

Central Broadcasting System -- Taipei,Taiwan, R.O.C.

Bangkok Entertainment -- Bangkok, Thailand

Kanal 7 -- Istanbul, Turkey

Power FM -- Istanbul, Turkey

Ihlas Holding A.S. -- Istanbul, Turkey

- U -

Gala Radio -- Kiev, Ukraine

Master Broadcasting -- Kharkov, Ukraine

106.2 HUM FM -- Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) News -- United Kingdom

British Interactive Broadcasting -- London, United Kingdom

Capital Radio Plc -- London, United Kingdom

Chrysalis Radio -- London, United Kingdom

Financial Times -- United Kingdom

The Guardian -- United Kingdom

Independent Radio News -- London, United Kingdom

Independent Television News (ITN) -- United Kingdom

Pearson Television London, United Kingdom

Radio Forth Ltd. -- Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

Sky News -- United Kingdom

The Television Corporation Plc. -- London, United Kingdom

World Radio Network -- London, United Kingdom

American Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) -- United States

Arabic News Online -- portal site for many Arab-based newspapers, based in the United States

Christian Science Monitor -- United States

CBS News -- United States

CBS Marketwatch -- United States

CNN America Edition -- United States

CNN Asia Edition -- United States

CNN en Espanol -- United States

CNN Europe Edition -- United States

FOX News -- United States

IDG News -- United States

International Herald Tribune -- United States

Los Angeles Times -- United States

MSNBC -- United States

National Association of Broadcasting (NAB) -- Washington, D.C. United States

National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) -- United States

National Public Radio (NPR) -- United States

New York Post -- United States

New York Times -- United States

Radio Free Asia -- Washington, DC, United States

Reuters -- United States

TIME.com -- United States

USA Today -- New York, United States

Washington Post -- Washington, D.C., United States

Wall Street Journal -- New York, United States

TV Asahi America, Inc. -- New York, United States

Tokyo FM at New York -- New York, United States

TVC -- Montevideo, Uruguay

End of Industry Links