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Reporter World provides a variety of safety equipment, identification products, specialized high-visibility clothing, pertinent news, product reviews, book reviews and useful links specifically for reporters, writers, assignment editors, news correspondents, journalists, ENG crews, photographers, production staff, directors, segment producers, media security personnel, and freelancers: in short, anyone who is part of the news gathering, information reporting, or documentary film industries.

The Products area of the Reporter World site showcases interesting gadgets specifically for writers, journalists, correspondents, ENG crews and other members of the press, media or film industries. This is a large section with a wide variety of different products. Consequently, this area will be divided by sub-category in the next revision of this site.

We have a variety of tools, gizmos and gadgets in this section, ranging from traditional binoculars, night vision scopes, stabilized spotting scopes, tape recorders and microphones, through to flashlights, work lights, utility tools, accessory pouches, belts and holsters. We also offer GPS locators, text scanners, and specialized cameras for surveillance work. Please consult our Terms of Service section for information concerning the purchase and use of some of the items on this page.

Given the current increased security level relating to air transportation, some of the products in this section must be carried in your checked luggage. You can check the current security alert level by visiting the official Web sites of the US Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) or the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) by clicking on our Useful Links button on the left.

Since there is more risk to your personal safety when traveling to (and working in) unfamiliar places, we recommend also checking out our selection of Safety books and Clothing containing other items of interest to correspondents, ENG crews and other traveling news gatherers.

Amazon.com LogoIf you are interested in purchasing a particular product from this section, simply click on the corresponding hypertext link (or on the product itself). A new window will then open up to the applicable secure online merchant. In most cases, this will be the American online retailer, Amazon.com. As we start offering other products, we will be adding to our supplier list to include other companies.

We are always looking for additional books that might be of interest to you. If you have any suggestions for other books we should offer, you can reach us by using the address contained in our Terms of Service page, located in the menu on the left. Please supply us as much information as you can about the book including its title, author, ISBN and publisher (if known).

Sony TCD-D8 DAT Recorder The Sony TCD-D8 Portable DAT Recorder produces high grade digital recordings from just about any source. This item is one of the best we've seen for recording interviews while in the field, where space, weight and cost restrictions prevent you from using more "pro" equipment. Highly recommended. Click here to purchase this product.

Olympus L400 Weighing in at only 3.2 ounces, the Olympus L400 Ultra-Compact Microcassette Recorder features a compact design, making it easy to carry in a shirt pocket or hold outstretched in crowded media scrums. The easy-to-read LCD displays tape direction, operation mode, and a tape counter; and with dual tape speeds, you can record up to three hours on a 90-minute tape. An auto-reverse function provides uninterrupted recording or playback. Click here to purchase this product.

Magellan MAP 330x The Magellan MAP 330x is a 12-channel global-positioning-system receiver that includes a built-in 8 MB base map with worldwide political boundaries and U.S. cities, highways, major roads, national parks, airports, waterways, and railways. This package also includes a Magellan MAP 330 GPS unit, MapSend Streets software on CD-ROM, a vehicle-mounting bracket, and a PC cable. Click here to purchase this product.

Magellan GPS PC Cable Magellan GPS PC Cable with Cigarette Lighter Adapter is designed for Magellan GPS 315, 320, and 330 series receivers. The cable connects your GPS receiver to your laptop PC for data transfer and provides power to the GPS receiver from your car, boat, or truck. Shipping weight is only one pound. Click here to purchase th is product.

Millenium AA-Cell Charger Moltech Power Systems' Millennium AA-Cell Battery Wall Charger with AA-Cell 4-Pack Rechargeable Power Cells is very compact, making it ideal for traveling. The charging compartment holds the batteries in a staggered pattern, allowing you easy access to all batteries and the unit's plug has been placed at one end of the charger. Not only does this design lets you use the "other" wall outlet (usually blocked in many other chargers), but its plug can be folded flat against the charger, protecting other items in your suitcase or kit from punctures. Click here to purchase this product.

Uniden BC245XLT Uniden BC245XLT Handheld Scanner is a powerful scanner is about the size of a cell phone and comes with a detachable antenna, making it great for travel and car use. Plus, the 245XLT can scan the standard 29 MHz to 956 MHz frequencies, now including Motorola and EDACS "trunked" system. You can also track multiple trunked and conventional channels at the same time, scan trunked frequencies, and apply a five-second trunk delay so you can hear both sides of the conversation when the trunked frequencies change. Click here to purchase this product.

Garmin eTrex GPS Garmin eTrex GPS is a global positioning system (GPS) receiver that continuously tracks and uses up to 12 satellites. Weighing only 5.3 ounces with the batteries installed, the eTrex GPS calculates current and average speed, time of sunrise and sunset, trip distance, and more. As well, the eTrex's automatic track log (able to save up to the 10 complete tracks), lets you retrace your path in both directions. Compatible with the complete line of Garmin MapSource software and accessories, including ability to transfer trip and waypoint information. Click here to purchase this product.

Garmin's PC Interface Cable Garmin's PC Interface Cable with Cigarette Adapter allows you to connect your Garmin eTrex and eMap GPS units to your PC and conserve the life of your batteries. Now you can create routes and waypoints at your leisure on your PC and transfer them to your GPS. You can also easily download map detail from MapSource CD-ROMs to GPS units. The cable features a standard nine-pin D connector for compatibility, and the cigarette adapter connects to any 12-volt receptacle. Click here to purchase this product.

Garmin's MetroGuide U.S.A. Garmin's MapSource MetroGuide U.S.A. CD-ROM contains the electronic equivalent of several paper maps and represents the same information found on MetroGuide cartridges. MetroGuide U.S.A. includes trip and waypoint management functions that allow you to transfer waypoints, routes, and tracks between your PC and nearly all Garmin GPS units while viewing detailed maps on your PC screen. Other editions are available including France, Denmark & Sweden, Great Britain, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Benelux, Austria and Germany. Click here to purchase this product.

Garmin's Cigarette Lighter Conserve the battery life of your GPS with Garmin's Cigarette Lighter Adapter for Etrex/Summit models. It is a convenient way to use your GPS without having to worry about the amount of time you use it on the road. It's easy to use as well! Just plug the Garmin Cigarette Lighter Adapter into any standard cigarette lighter receptacle, and you and your GPS are ready to go. Click here to purchase this product.

Garmin's PC Interface Cable Garmin's PC Interface Cable allows you to connect your eTrex and eMap GPS unit to your PC. Now you can create routes and waypoints at your leisure on your PC and transfer them to your GPS. You can also easily download map detail from MapSource CD-ROMs to GPS units. The cable features a standard nine-pin D connector for ultimate compatibility. Note that the Garmin PC Interface Cable does not provide wiring for external power. Click here to purchase this product.

Motorola Spirit GT Plus Pro The Motorola Spirit GT Plus Professional Silver 2-Way Radio ultra lightweight two-way radio operates at up to four miles outdoors and covers up to 200,000 square feet indoors. With two channels, it operates on UHF business frequencies and allows you to communicate with separate groups on separate channels. It also has a built-in interference eliminator to help block out unwanted channel chatter and rechargeable NiMH battery that powers the radio up to 9 hours. Click here to purchase this product.

Black Cell Phone Holster This Bucket Boss Brand 99110 Black Cell Phone Holster is a black nylon cell phone holster that hooks on any belt. This protective holster features a cushioned lining and a cover flap with a Velcro closure, and is designed to accommodate phones or other electronic devices with antennas. Fits most cell phones and two-way job site radios. Measures 6" by 3" (height by width). Click here to purchase this product.

Motorola Belt Carrying Case The Motorola TalkAbout Belt Carrying Case/Arm Pack keeps your two-way radio close at hand with this belt carrying case and arm pack from Motorola. The pack comes in stylish black with a mesh pocket and elastic strap to secure your radio. Wear it on your belt or your arm and keep your hands free as you work. This case is compatible with TalkAbout 280 SLK, T289, and T63xx series radios, and comes with a one-year warranty. Click here to purchase this product.

Motorola Smart Charger Motorola Smart Charger for T280, T289 & GT series lets you plug in this handy adapter and save your batteries. Click here to purchase this product.

Motorola's T5100 Radios While this pair of Motorola's T5100 (AA) Midnight Blue 2-Way Radios lack many of the fancy features found in other, more expensive, two-way radios, it still delivers solid performance at a great value. The T5100 has a number of useful features, such as a 31-segment LCD display with icons, transmit LED indicator, and an audio accessory connector to connect a headset. Its audible call alert informs you of an incoming call for a phone-like convenience. Also comes in black, red and green for specific news team or ENG crew identification Click here to purchase this product.

Motorola TalkAbout Headset with Boom Microphone for All Series is the perfect companion for your Motorola 2-way radio. This headset is compatible with the TalkAbout 270, 280, and T289 models and transmits by pressing one button. Best of all for busy crew members, the TalkAbout Headset with Boom Microphone can be used for hands-free operation. Click here to purchase this product.

Motorola Waterproof Bag The Motorola Waterproof Bag is designed to keep your radio safe and dry even in extremely wet conditions such as rain, sleet, snow and slush (although not designed for pressure situations such as diving). Designed to fit tightly around the radio, this protective case is compatible with all Spirit GT, Spirit GT+, Talkabout 270, 280, T289, T5100, T5200, T6200, T6300 Series, fr50 and fr60 radios. Click here to purchase this product.

Night Owl's NOTG1 Goggles Night Owl's NOTG1 Goggles are perfect for both recreational and professional purposes. The head mount provides hands-free use with a face-mounted A-frame design. The goggles have a high-performance 35,000x light amplification and a range of view of 225 feet. Night Owl NOTG1 goggles have a self-contained integrated infrared system and also include precision 1x magnification for real-time use. Click here to purchase this product.

Olympus Wideview Binoculars The Olympus 10x25 Wideview Binoculars have a wide, 70- degree field of view that lets you see more of what's happening around you, also allowing you to watch fast-moving objects more easily than ever. Additional features include eyecups that slide up and down for eye relief adjustment and ecological lead-free glass lenses. The built-in dioptric correction adjusts to individual eyesight and reduces eye fatigue caused by long usage on assignment. Click here to purchase this product.

Image Stabilization Binoculars Canon 12x36 Image Stabilization Binoculars incorporate an optical image stabilizer for hard-to-believe shake-free viewing. First developed for Canon video camcorders, the technology uses a Vari-Angle Prism, dual transparent plates, independent vertical and horizontal sensors, and a dedicated microprocessor to continuously maintain a steady image. Also water-resistant, these binoculars deliver high magnification, long eye relief, and wide-field viewing. Very cool! Click here to purchase this product.

Minox TLX The Minox TLX comes as a set and includes the 8 x 11 flash. Small and handy in size, it is big in technology and imaging performance. The advantages of this classic are appreciated by the professionals around the world: subminiature camera with 8 x 11 mm film format, minox 8 x 11 mm flash included, 4-element 15 mm Minox lens f/3, 5/15 mm, CDS exposure meter. Range setting from 7 inches to infinity. Click here to purchase this product.

C Pen 800C Handheld Scanner Use the C Pen 800C Handheld Scanner to capture text from any printed source; it can store up to 3,000 pages of printed text and PC files. Merriam Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, with 215,000 definitions and translations, is integrated as a standard feature. The 800C is also equipped to receive text messages, and the display can show six crisp lines of text at a time. The C Pen 800 is Windows compatible and interacts with PDAs made by Palm, Visor or Sony. Click here to purchase this product.

Minox with ECX flash Minox, the world's smallest professional quality camera, comes packaged as a set and includes the Minox ECX flash with guide number 12 (ISO 100/21 degrees), battery, strap, and film. Without compromise to optical performance, this camera controls all of the required functions automatically. Using high-strength plastics reinforced with glass fiber, the weight is kept to an incredible 2 ounces! Includes four-element 15 mm Minar-Fixfocus lens f/5, 6/15 mm. Click here to purchase this product.

Mini Mag Lite AA Flashlight Mag Instrument's Mini Mag Lite AA Flashlight is a standard accessory for many reporters, camera crews and others who need a high intensity adjustable light beam at a moment's notice. The flashlight features sealed O-rings for water and shock resistance, candle mode for hands free light, a spare lamp in the tail cap and a limited lifetime warranty. One of the most useful (and easy to carry) accessories for anybody. Highly recommended. Click here to purchase this product.

Nylon Full Flap Holster Mag Instrument's AM2A056 Nylon Full Flap Holster for the Mag Lite AA Flashlight is a black nylon holster perfect for carrying your Mini Mag Lite AA Flashlight on your belt. This holster completely covers (and protecting) the entire flashlight and is especially recommended for active users. The Velcro fastening on the flap means the holster emits a characteristic "tearing" sound when opened. If silent drawing is needed, check out the open-top holster design below. Click here to purchase this product.

Plain Leather Holster Mag Instrument's AM2A026 Plain Leather Holster for Mag Lite AA Flashlight is a high quality, black leather holster perfect for carrying your Mini Mag Lite AA Flashlight on your belt. Unlike the closed design of the nylon holster above, the leather holster features an open design and silent drawing. Particularly active users might prefer the closed design of the nylon holster above. Click here to purchase this product.

Mini Flashlight Accessory Pack Mag Instrument AM2A016 Mini Flashlight Accessory Pack is the perfect addition to your Maglight. Direct from Mag Instrument, this kit contains a pocket clip, a lanyard wrist strap with key ring, colored lenses for use where you want to signal silently or read a map without drawing attention to yourself, and a lens holder -- all sized for the standard Mini Mag flashlight. Click here to purchase this product.

Mag 4 D-Cell Flashlight The Mag Instrument S4D016 Black Heavy Duty 4 D-Cell Flashlight comes with a high intensity krypton gas lamp for optimum light and extended range. With a twist of the flashlight head, you can change the beam from spot to flood. The flashlight's high grade O-rings ensure resistance to water and shock while the low resistance circuitry allows a more efficient use of the batteries. There's an extra lamp in the tail cap to keep you out of the shadows. Also comes in red. Click here to purchase this product.

Mag Leather Belt Holder Mag Instrument ASXD036 D Cell Plain Leather Belt Holder lets you keep your D Cell MagLite by your side and easily accessible. A must-have if you need to carry your 2, 3, 4 or 6-cell MagLite with you while you're working, the belt holster is perfect for the crew member or technician who has his or her hands full. Click here to purchase this product.

Flashlight Mounting Brackets With the handy Mag Instrument ASXD026 D-Cell Flashlight Mounting Brackets, you will always know where your D-cell Mag Lite flashlights are. Whether you're in the editing booth or in the news van, these mounting brackets will help you always have a light when you need it. Click here to purchase this product.

D Cell MagLite Accessory Pack The Mag Instrument ASXX376 D Cell MagLite Accessory Pack includes red, amber, and blue lenses; anti-roll device, and two universal mounting brackets for your D-cell based Mag Lite flashlight. Click here to purchase this product.

Leatherman Wave The Leatherman Wave with Deluxe Leather Belt Sheath packs a lot of features into a compact stainless-steel tool that weighs just 8 ounces. Tools include: two locking blades plus two additional locking tools; a very comfortable handle; needle-nose and regular pliers; wire cutters; clip-point and serrated knife blades; diamond-coated file; cross-cut file; wood saw; Phillips-head and slot screwdrivers; can/bottle opener; wire strippers; and a lanyard attachment. Amazing! Click here to purchase this product.

Leatherman Tool Adapter The Leatherman 65070303 Tool Adapter for the Wave makes your Leatherman Wave even more versatile by sliding over the jaws to provide a standard 1/4-inch hex drive with a comfortable grip. The adapter locks in straight, 45-, and 90-degree positions, and any bit that fits a standard 1/4-inch hex drive can be used. Comes in a compact, clip-on carrying case, and includes six screw bits: #0 and #3 Phillips, #1 and #2 Robertson (square), #15 Torx, and #8-10 slotted. Click here to purchase this product.

Leatherman Nylon Sheath The Leatherman 930411 Wave Deluxe Nylon Sheath is a black nylon holster supplied by Leatherman as original equipment and is designed specifically for its Wave and Pulse models of multipurpose tools. It features a Velcro closure and is made of a ballistic nylon material. Click here to purchase this product.

Super Chute Tool Bucket The Bucket Boss Brand 25005 Super Chute is a perfect hold-all for the news van, ENG truck or for any on-site location work where small parts or tools may be needed. Six interior compartments organize and separate small parts. The 12 exterior pockets carry and organize small tools. The Chute's flat bottom design prevents tipping or spilling. Stacks 3 or 4 deep in any 5 gallon bucket. Black and yellow colors mean it's hard to miss (or leave behind). Click here to purchase this product.

Hardwood Utility Chest The Sisco MTV7 Solid Hardwood Utility Chest is a handsome solid hardwood chest is the perfect gift for storing, organizing, and protecting just about anything - from hand tools to small parts to cassette tapes -- in short, anything you need at your fingertips. All drawers are felt-lined and the chest includes carrying handles. Brass plated hardware throughout. Top tray height is 2.25 inches and drawers are 1.375 inches in height. Click here to purchase this product.

DeWalt Tool Belt The DeWalt D5101SM Heavy Duty Top Grain Leather Tool Belt is a heavy duty ballistic nylon tool belt is lightweight, abrasion resistant, and moisture resistant. The top-grain leather is thick and durable without being stiff or hard, plus it is oil tanned, making it more comfortable while improving moisture resistance. Dedicated tool storage means you can find the tools, quickly and easily, perfect for the busy ENG crew member, gaffer or grip! Click here to purchase this product.

Quilted Moving Blankets Sandhill 501S Quilted Moving Blankets are an ideal way to protect expensive photographic or ENG equipment that can't be moved or stored in their original boxes. The blanket's quilted furniture pad provides great protection while the one-inch "lazy s" zig-zag double-lock stitching design provides blanket durability. In an emergency, can also serve as a survival blanket or emergency stretcher. Measures 72" by 80" inches. Click here to purchase this product.

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